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Everytime I see this movie... I orgasm.

Hello, people.

I wrote the majority of this script AND did the main voices in this historic flash (-_- Sorry about the poor quality) Thank you Mr. Wheat for the special props and thank you for bringing my ideas to life.

In other news... I'm looking for other flash animators who may be able to design around some of my other scripts I have lying around. I'm online quite a bit... under the alias of "Zuzucrew" on AIM, so if anyone is interested, please do not hestitate on IM'ing me.

Thank you, and please enjoy the film...

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haha, you fucking loser

You have the balls to come insult MY drawing skills and compare them to a five year old's when you put out shit like this? I've seen special ed kids VOMIT better art then you do.

xKillerTofux responds:

if my drawings look like retard vomit then god i hate to think what that makes your pothetic drawings =)

I'm not gay or anything

But i would love to have hot sex with you.

Meh. This review is un necessary.

Good movie, man.

But hey, you really ought to do something about the music man. I know you're going for a hokey atmosphere but its just really repetitive and annoying. I feel that a more action packed score would increase the goodness factor.

-Just some creative critism.

*thinks* Oh yeah, the ending was pretty good, too. (Bonus points!!!)

Krinkels responds:

Thanks for the input, but I like the hokey music, it goes nicely with the hokey drawings, the hokey plot, the hokey action, and the overall hokeyness of it. Im hoping to find a remix of some goofy looney tunes song, strung out to big fat silly techno for the next one.

Pinnicle of Film making

Actually, It was surprisingly funny.

And the pinnicle of film making.


Oh you crazy Knottsberry clock.

I dont wanna say that was classic, but it was.

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Shows how stupid Newgrounds people are

This makes it on?! This 20 minute, half assed, un synced piece of shit, and mine doesn't?


DecepticonClock responds:

What was yours stick figures? Stop being bitter and make a better one. Sorry yours didn't make it but don't fuckin take it out on me, what the fuck is up with the fifteen year olds on here? Oh and obviously yours was the bigger piece of shit and you yourself are the biggest.

This has NOTHING to do with this movie

Just so people know if they look at the reviews "I" made...
Except for the ones in late 2002/early 2003 the reviews arent from me and are from my younger brother.
Please do not let that reflect on me, the other kid.

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Damn you andrew!

I was going into this ready to hate it so that i could be all different and post some gay review.
But then it didnt suck. No, not at all.



ooh. payback is fair play.

stealmyinternet responds:

payback for what? please email me and tell me so that i can fully know my crimes and cry over whatever wrong i did to you.

Hiya :)

n/a, Male

Hell, baby.


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